Rising Leaders

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Who are TCTELA Rising Leaders?

Rising Leaders:

  • Demonstrate a passion for teaching, learning, and leadership in English language arts
  • Collectively exhibit a broad range of diversity in position, location, cultural background, and perspective
  • Hold promise as leaders; and 
  • Are committed to TCTELA’s Mission and to pursuing leadership opportunities in the organization. 

How do I apply for the Rising Leaders program?

The window for applying will open on January 25th, and information will be announced at the TCTELA Annual Conference. Applications will be due April 1, 2024.

What are the components of the Rising Leaders application?

Click here for a list of information needed to complete the online application.

How are Rising Leaders selected?

Anyone can nominate candidates for the Rising Leaders program. Self-nominations are welcome. Candidates are then invited to complete an application.

Completed applications are scored by a selection panel of TCTELA board members using a rubric focused on the program goals. Finalists are forwarded to the executive committee for approval.

The fourth class of Rising Leaders will be  announced on May 3rd, 2024. Future Rising Leaders will be announced at the TCTELA Annual Conference.

How many Rising Leaders are accepted to the program each year?

The selection committee will select 4 leaders each year from across Texas that represent diversity in multiple dimensions. Rising leaders will participate in the program for two years.

How does the Rising Leaders Program work?

TCTELA will announce the new class of Rising Leaders once they are selected.  

Rising leaders will be invited to attend an online orientation session, which covers the expectations for program participants as well as tips for maximizing the program experience.

Throughout the program, rising  leaders will have opportunities to participate in group and individual video conferences designed to support leadership development in the field that is relevant to each individual’s needs, interests, and aspirations. Individuals selected as Rising Leaders will amplify TCTELA’s voice and assist in developing future TCTELA leadership. All rising leaders attend the TCTELA Annual Conference.

At the conclusion of the two-year program, rising leaders will be invited to present evidence of their growth and future plans at the Rising Leader Saturday event, receive a certificate of completion, and a letter of congratulations from TCTELA. Rising Leader alumni are encouraged to remain involved with TCTELA and continue their leadership and influence through formal and informal leadership roles.

What are the benefits and expectations for Rising Leaders?

Benefits rising leaders receive:

  • Covered registration for the TCTELA Annual Conference during the two years of program participation
  • Visibility throughout the TCTELA community
  • Opportunities to connect with other rising leaders and TCTELA leadership
  • Exclusive opportunities to engage with the TCTELA community such as a dedicated column for publication in Texas Voices

Rising leaders are expected to:

  • Maintain TCTELA Membership.
  • Commit to a minimum of two years in the program.
  • Travel to and attend the TCTELA Annual Conference.
  • Follow @TCTELA on Twitter.
  • Attend an online orientation.
  • Regularly attend scheduled video conferences (in the evening).
  • Pursue a leadership pathway with TCTELA.

What leadership pathways are available to Rising Leaders?

  • Local Affiliate Leadership
  • Section work in Elementary, Middle, High School, Pre-service or Teacher Development
  • PD2Teach
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Presenting at Annual Conference
  • Writing for Texas Voices, English in Texas, the TCTELA Blog, etc.

How does the program help Rising Leaders grow?

The Rising Leaders program is designed to prepare diverse educators for leadership roles in TCTELA and its constituent groups. By the conclusion of their participation in the program, rising leaders will have at a minimum:

  • Developed an understanding of TCTELA’s mission and goals.
  • Explored TCTELA leadership pathways through formal and informal roles.
  • Networked with a variety of diverse educators from across Texas.
  • Encouraged others to get involved in TCTELA.
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