2023 College Teacher of the Year

Kausalai Wijekumar, Texas A&M University

Dr. Kausalai Wijekumar

Texas A&M University




Dr. Kausalai Wijekumar has served as a professor at Texas A&M University since 2014. She is the Director of the Center for Urban School Partnerships and the Principal Investigator for multiple grants in both reading and writing. Students in her courses can expect to be fully immersed in reading theory and challenged to make positive contributions to literacy education. Dr. Kausalai understands that change for children begins by supporting educators. She has brought her evidence-based reading comprehension framework to tens of thousands of students world-wide by training and supporting their teachers. Her work with educators has led to high levels of reading achievement for students, which leads not only to academic success in other content areas, but also positively impacts students’ affect. 

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