PD2Teach is a project from TCTELA supporting teachers and curriculum leaders in the implementation of the new ELAR/SLAR TEKS for K-8 beginning in 2019-2020 and continuing with high school TEKS in 2020-2021. 

A team of dedicated teachers and instructional coaches will gather to hold professional conversations about the new standards and will discuss how their classrooms will evolve under the new strands and the new standards. Grounding their discussion in literacy research, this team offers their classroom experiences as examples, will highlight student successes they are already seeing in their classrooms across Texas, and will outline how they are using the standards to create a stronger, literate Texas graduate on the path toward both college and career.  


PD2Teach is available directly to teachers through an online digital portfolio that have accompanying downloadable guides outlining the resources and texts used to forge this exciting path toward the new standards. Navigate to the PD2Teach Portfolio of knowledge library videos

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction to the project:



The PD2Teach site and resources have been incredibly valuable to our effort in not only communicating the changes of the new TEKS and their intended impact, but also in getting school leaders to explore implications of each strand. One way we have successfully utilized these resources is by first having groups of teachers or administrators read the entire introduction on their own, then, using a text rendering protocol, select a phrase and word they deem important/powerful/worth highlighting. After having participants share their highlighted words/phrases from the introduction, we show them the PD2Teach video of the model PLC discussing the introduction to the new standards. Participants hear from ELA experts around the state, often pointing out and drawing attention to the same important phrases/words from the intro, validating their initial reactions. After this, we divide the room by strands, giving them 2-3 of the sample PLC questions (from PD2Teach) for discussion, and have each group read through the K-12 vertical alignment of TEKS for that strand to feed their conversations around the questions. Finally, they represent their thinking with a visual or produce a list of 'key points' to share out with the whole group.

Keri Bell, Curriculum Director - ELA, Gr. 6-12 - Academics Department, Harmony Public Schools

We have used PD2Teach with our junior high school Implementation Team training. The videos served as a model not only for our own teachers on explaining how the TEKS will change, but they also modeled how our thinking and instruction will be impacted. The questions that accompanied the videos helped guide and facilitate collaborative conversations. PD2Teach was a collective message from teachers across the state, and the central housing of resources, the clear icons, and the ease of access to TEA materials made our study and transition a smooth one for Conroe ISD.

Debbie McNeeley, Coordinator of Secondary English Language Arts and Foreign Languages, Conroe ISD

PD2Teach provides educators an interactive view of what each strand entails and thorough discussion from relatable voices. As each strand is shared, teachers are able to understand the interconnectedness of all strands and use this to gain a better understanding of how lessons should be structured.

Jamie Barrs, Elementary ELA Curriculum Specialist, Houston Independent School District