Dr. Kim Pinkerton

Through her excellent teaching, diligent service, and innovative leadership, Dr. Kim Pinkerton exemplifies the “Distinguished Lifetime Service” that Dr. Ed Farrell has modeled so faithfully for the English language arts teachers of Texas. Kim cares genuinely for her students, thinks deeply about her work, and serves selflessly for TCTELA.

As a teacher, Kim’s impact on her preservice teachers can best be described by one of her former students: “As an English language learner, reading was not one of my passions growing up. I feared the day that I registered for Dr. Pinkerton’s class because the course was titled READ 3305. I thought to myself “READ: what I’m getting myself into?” but it was the best decision that I could have made. It was Dr. Pinkerton’s enthusiasm with which she described and talked about literacy that won me over. That semester I read more books than I had ever read in my whole life. With three young children of my own, I gained a deeper understanding on how important literacy is and helps children be successful. Her passion for English language arts made me the teacher that I am today. I am currently a fifth-grade self- contained teacher, and it is because of Dr. Pinkerton that I feel that I can teach ELAR with such vigor.”

Additionally, a former colleague wrote this about Kim’s teaching: “In her teaching, Kim serves students who may be underprepared through the conscious development of a classroom community and through the design of interactive, collaborative learning experiences. She guides students to gain knowledge and confidence in their abilities to learn and eventually, to teach. Kim engages her students in the university classroom, in field-based classrooms in K-6 schools, online, and in the larger field of education through professional presentations and publications. Through her thoughtful teaching and her passion for literacy, Kim inspires the students she teaches. Kim is reflective in her teaching practices which include relevant adaptations based upon several elements, including her knowledge of current theory, her thoughtful use of technological tools, and her observations of students as they engage in the learning experiences she has designed.”

Fortunately for the members of TCTELA, Kim has contributed her strengths and talents to our organization for many years. Kim’s leadership on the TCTELA Board has been characterized by thorough preparation, deep engagement, and heartfelt community. Kim began her involvement with TCTELA as a co-editor of English in Texas. During this time, she actively sought manuscripts from nationally known authors and theorists and secured a national award for the journal. While serving as Vice-President Elect and Vice-President of Membership and Affiliates, Kim developed a process of analyzing conference attendance and recruiting members from low-attendance areas.

Moreover, Kim led TCTELA during a period of growth and bravery. During her ground-breaking presidency, she forged relationships with policymakers and stakeholders, earning a place at the political table for the English language arts teachers of Texas. Kim was dogged in her desire to have the teachers’ voices heard during the recent ELAR TEKS revisions process, ensuring that thousands of teachers’ voices were heard when she communicated that data to the SBOE. She followed through with the results of the survey data to spearhead the development of the TCTELA TEKS Forum, and she advocated for Texas’ ELAR teachers with carefully crafted testimonies to the SBOE.

After completing her elected service to the board, Kim was appointed as TCTELA’s Executive Secretary. She worked to streamline TCTELA’s financial operations, and she maintained transparency through her quarterly Harry Potter-themed membership updates in Texas Voices.

Dr. Kim Pinkerton has provided the enlightened, energizing leadership to TCTELA and the English language arts teachers of Texas. In the words of a former student, “Dr. Pinkerton’s fervor for literacy is felt in all that she does.”