2023 Edmund J. Farrell Distinguished Service and Achievement Award

Cynthia Tyroff





Cynthia Tyroff

Keystone School



Cindy Tyroff has served as a teacher, a district coordinator of English and Language Arts, President Elect of the San Antonio Area Council of Teachers English, English in Texas Editor, TCTELA Board Member and President and trained hundreds of teachers as a Diamond level trainer for Abydos Literacy. Additionally, she  received the Intellectual Freedom Award from the National Council of Teachers of English for her bold efforts challenging the State Board of Education in the creation of new ELAR standards in 2008. 

As a District Coordinator of English and Language Arts, Cindy was responsible for setting the vision and direction for all Northside ISD middle schools and high schools. In this role, she not only excelled in creating a systematic implementation of initiatives to meet the needs of close to forty middle and high school campuses, but she also fostered professional learning communities with her campus department coordinators and built robust offerings of professional development sessions throughout the school year and summer months for all secondary ELAR teachers. 

She consistently inspires those around her to get involved whether to testify before the school board of education on behalf of students or volunteer time for adoption committees when it is time for new state standards. She encourages teachers to join local chapters, celebrates extended learning opportunities, and networking across districts within and around the Bexar County area. 

Her incredible initiative and strong community building skills extends beyond teachers and coordinators as the students we serve are always at the center of her work. Cindy used her time and skill set to help students seeking alternate degree plans. For many years, she worked at the NISD Community Education GED program designed to help students build capacity in critical areas related to ELAR in an effort to help students find success who otherwise may not have received a high school certification.  

Upon retiring from NISD, she went on to work as a middle school teacher at Keystone School where she continues to work with students, community members, and local and state educational organizations. 

Cindy is a highly intellectual and well-read educator. She has a love for teaching that goes beyond the classroom, campus, and district where she works. Her projects, initiatives, and experiences speak for themselves. It is clear that she sees herself as a lifelong learner and advocate for teachers and students alike. As an educator, this translates into teachers and students having a greater awareness and understanding of their potential. 

Cindy Tyroff has spent her career enriching the lives of others through the world of reading and writing. She has lent her leadership and insight to the Texas Council of Teachers of English, the National Council of Teachers of English, and is more than deserving of the Edmund J. Farrell Lifetime Achievement Award.

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