Elementary Teacher of the Year

Isabel McHan

Isabel McHan, the TCTELA Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2020, is an exceptional teacher! Isabel has fourteen years of experience as a pre-kindergarten bilingual, ESL, and dual-language teacher, and she is a lifelong learner. Her teaching puts the child at the center of all learning, and her classroom is truly an environment that is fluid and meaningful for the students. It is Isabel’s ability to foster a learning environment that is responsive to children that makes her so unique. Everything she does in her classroom is purposeful. Isabel makes learning opportunities, including those related to literacy, as authentic as possible in order to engage children in real-world learning. She gives her students space to take risks, to discover, and to problem solve. Her students are responsible for learning under her guidance. And we are talking about four-year-old children, who are often seen as incapable of doing this type of learning. That is not the case in Isabel’s classroom. Her work with young learners deserves recognition, as it serves as a model for TCTELA members who are in early childhood education.