2023 Elementary Teacher of the Year

Arjaunese Williams, Stafford MSD


Arjaunese Williams

Stafford MSD





Arjaunese Williams exemplifies what it means to hold high expectations in the classroom for her young students while also affording them with the intentional and compassionate interventions necessary to help them succeed. When entering her classroom, you will find not only a language-rich classroom that meets the needs of growing readers across the demographics, but a learning environment that is student-centered with roles and routines colorfully depicted, student and class accomplishments regularly updated, and accessible mnemonic resources all throughout the classroom. Further evidence of her attention to care can also be found within the personalized intervention binders she has initiated and holds students accountable for in support meeting the needs of all learners within the classroom. 

When guests enter the room, students remain engaged by Arjaunese’ instructional delivery and assist in upholding a positive learning environment through their own kindness and willingness to learn. But the light of Arjaunese  does not stop within the walls of her classroom. In fact, it expands far beyond it. Arjaunese has found a means to leverage the learning outcomes within the curriculum along with her own knowledge and creativity to enrich the teaching and learning experiences for our first-graders. She is a passionate educator who deserves to be recognized not only for her excellence in instruction, but for her commitments helping others achieve their own excellence as well. 

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