Strategic Plan

TCTELA will advance the literacy growth of all Texas students by developing a network of diverse professionals and by providing professional development based on best practices in education.

Core Values:  

1.    Texas students’ needs drive decision-making at TCTELA.
2.    TCTELA offers something unique and crucial to English language arts/reading educators.
3.    The work of teaching is best done in collaboration, not isolation.
4.    Reading and writing are reciprocal and interconnected.
5.    TCTELA advocates for students and educators.

Vision:         The vision of TCTELA is to be recognized by educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders as a leading voice in the field of English language arts and reading.

Overview of Goals:

Goal 1:        TCTELA fosters leadership.  TCTELA will strengthen its standing in the field of education as a key professional organization with a long, reliable history of quality leadership in English/language arts and reading education. 

Goal 2:        TCTELA promotes community.  TCTELA will facilitate a collaborative community of professionals who learn, explore, and connect.

Goal 3:TCTELA supports instruction.TCTELA will offer research-based professional development, grounded in best literacy practices, for every ELAR professional throughout the state.

 View the Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 (3-page PDF)

View the Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 (3-page PDF)

View the Strategic Plan Summary for 2009-2012 (2-page PDF)