College Teacher of the Year

Lynn A. Masterson

Lynn A. Masterson is a senior lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate pre-service teachers. Her interest focuses on engaging students in an exploration of self through narrative inquiry as a way to reflect upon their beliefs about teaching and learning, the purpose of schooling, and the role their personal histories play in forming their teacher identities.

This year marks her 40th year in education, and she continues to experience great fulfillment in working with teachers who are new to the profession. In a time in which curriculum choices regarding “what and when” are most often predetermined, she focuses on “how and why,” which she believes brings the most joy to the work teachers do with their students. Building relationships while creating
a caring community that honors all the experiences students bring with them is a central theme of her work. Furthermore, Lynn has volunteered selflessly to serve her peers and new teachers at TCTELA and other organizations.

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