Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts is dedicated to nurturing, fostering, and supporting pre-service English teachers by offering quality professional development experiences and opportunities to build relationships with veteran teachers across the state.

Conference Grant

The TCTELA conference grant invites pre-service teachers to attend its annual conference at no cost for nine volunteer hours during the conference. Pre-service teachers can request to volunteer either Friday or Saturday based on the workshops or sessions they would like to attend, or the Pre-Service Teacher Committee Chair will assign volunteer duties to meet conference needs. Pre-service teachers are expected to dress professionally and handle themselves in that manner. A willingness to do what is needed during the service time is a must.

Pre-service teachers will run errands within the hotel, distribute and/or collect session feedback, be visible before, during and after General Session and/or Business Meeting, and report to the Pre-Service Teacher Committee Chair, Local Arrangements Chair, or management company representatives for any other assignment. As an interim representative of TCTELA, pre-service teachers must wear the provided identification while volunteering so that the membership and Board Members can easily recognize your role.

Applicants should be student TCTELA members. If you are not a student member at this time, please register under join TCTELA. A membership number is needed for Grant and Scholarship application.


In 500 words or less, explain your interest in volunteering at the TCTELA annual conference, what you want to gain, and your vision of your role in the organization in the next two years. This essay must be submitted on-line no later than November 23rd.

In addition to the essay, one professor recommendation on behalf of the applicant is also required. This recommendation is a brief statement as to the dedication, reliability, and enthusiasm of the pre-service teacher and may include any other comment that would benefit the applicant.. This recommendation must also be submitted on-line by November 23rd. Please provide your membership number. 

Applicants will be notified via email by December 20th of their Grant/Scholarship status. 

Conference Scholarship

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