Literacy Education Day 2015



Lisette Ortiz,
UTSA sophomore

"I knew at once that this feeling of helping others and advocating for a cause you believe in was a feeling I would not soon want to forget. I wanted that feeling to resonate throughout the rest of my life, my career...The momentum from that trip is largely what carried me to accept an internship the following summer with a District Court Judge." 


Kristy Sanchez,
Sonora HS Senior

"I was privileged to meet and speak with several distinguished state officials about our education system, as well as hear from my fellow classmates and other students from across the state sharing their experiences." 


Katrina Gonzales,
Eldorado HS Teacher

"Watching the legislators’ and aides’ expressions when the students began to speak so eloquently and passionately about their own English language arts experiences was priceless. By the time we left the Texas State Capitol grounds, the students’ understanding of the process to bring a bill from inception to ratification multiplied by leaps and bounds." 

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