ELAR - TEA post the December 15 draft of recommendations from the experts. 
SLAR - TEA post the December 15 draft of the recommendations from the experts. 
SBOE archived broadcast ELAR testimony from SBOE meeting. Go to PART 3 2:32:40. 
ELAR - TEA presentation of the experts draft of recommendations for TEKS revision (November 16, 2016) -- SBOE granted additional time for experts to continue their work. A complete draft is scheduled to be presented at the January 31-February 3, 2017 SBOE meeting. Feedback on this incomplete draft will NOT be taken. 
SLAR - TEA presentation of the experts draft of recommendations for TEKS revision (November 16, 2016). A complete draft is schedule to be presented at the January 31-February 3, 2017 SBOE meeting. Feedback on this incomplete draft will NOT be taken. 
TCTELA Summary Report to SBOE on ELAR TEKS from Forum 2.0 - Testimony provided September 14, 2016 at SBOE Meeting.
Detailed report of Forum findings provided to the experts August 28, 2016
TABE Report to SBOE on SLAR TEKS from Forum 1.0 and 2.0
ELAR - TEA post of the first drafts of recommendations for revisions from the workgroups / experts to the ELAR TEKS (completed posting on December 15)
SLAR - TEA post of the first draft of recommendations for revision from the workgroups / experts to the SLAR TEKS (completed posting on December 15)
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TEA TEKS Review Process
Current ELAR TEKS - Link to TEA website
Current SLAR TEKS - Link to TEA website
Texas College & Career Readiness Standards
ELAR Expert Initial Review by English Language Arts and Reading TEKS Expert Reviewers
SLAR Expert Initial Review by Spanish Language Arts and Reading and English as a Second Language TEKS Expert Reviewers
English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) by TEA
Voices of Texas Teachers in English Language Arts and Reading TEKS Revision, Report September 2015
ELAR Framework Strands Presented to SBOE on 9/9/15 by CREST, NWPT, TABE, TAIR, TALE, TCTELA, TASA, and TxASCD. 
Forum Reports - Presented to SBOE on January 25, 2016
English I-IV
Town Hall meeting with SBOE Chair, Donna Bahorich and Kim Pinkerton - January 2016
Forum Report - Presented to SBOE on April 6, 2016


Community Guidelines

The Texas Council for Teachers of English Language Arts (TCTELA) has created the TCTELA TEKS Forum (an online forum) in order to capture your voices and viewpoints regarding the drafts of the English Language Arts and Reading/Spanish Language Arts and Reading (ELAR/SLAR) TEKS created by the state workgroups. TCTELA’s goal is to gather your voluntary comments for a research study and share your opinions with the SBOE and TEA as well as with the workgroups. TCTELA’s goal is twofold: to ensure that teachers’ voices are heard through this revision process and to document the creation, dissemination, and implementation of the revised standards.  

User Agreement
Users’ posts are owned by TCTELA and its appointed moderators. Considering the real-time nature of the forum, it is impossible for moderators to confirm the validity, appropriateness, and relevance of information posted. 

a.    Administrator: TCTELA serves as the sole administrator of the TCTELA TEKS Forum.
b.    Moderators: Moderators are appointed by TCTELA and Texas Association for Bilingual Education (TABE). TCTELA invited TABE to select two moderators for the SLAR section of the forum and to provide a perspective that is unique to Spanish with regard to language arts and reading skills. 
c.    Members: Membership in the forum is open to stakeholders with a vested interest in the ELAR and SLAR TEKS throughout the state of Texas. Members shall be parents, teachers, administrators and individuals with a community interest. Membership in the forum is not dependent upon or inclusive of membership in TCTELA. 

Forum Rules
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Compliance with Terms
a.    The TCTELA TEKS Forum operates a three-strike policy. Users will be warned a maximum of three times for any and all offenses. If the need arises for a fourth warning, a temporary ban will be put in place for one to seven days.
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