Each committee is chaired by a TCTELA member that is also a member of the board. 

Adolescent Literacy Committee

Function: To support effective reform in adolescent literacy and to contribute to the reconceptualization of classroom practice, staff development, and assessment as outlined in NCTE’s policy research brief on adolescent literacy reform.

Chairs: Alexandra McCarron

Alexandra McCarron



Legislative Action Committee

Function: To raise awareness of legislative actions and events of specific concerns to English language arts educators and to work through the TCTELA board to promote and address issues of concern to appropriate agencies and entities. 

Chair: Angie Kissire

                                               Angie Kissire

                                               Angie Kissire


State of the Profession Committee

Function: To support the use of high quality, locally designed-programs to promote teacher knowledge and expertise; to provide resources for flexible, ongoing professional development, including mentoring, that meet the needs of individual teachers to ensure effective literacy and teaching; to promote awareness of areas and issues relating to ongoing research and advancements in the state of the teaching of English language arts.

Chair: Debbie Perez

Learners with Special needs Committee

Function: To promote a collaborative educational community that takes into account the improvement of literacy development for all students.


Chair: Sylvia Troxell


Early Childhood Committee

Function: To support the early childhood community of teachers, students, and parents and to foster and promote involvement of early childhood teachers in TCTELA affairs.

Chairs: Amelia Hewitt

Multicultural Awareness Committee

Function: To raise awareness of multicultural events, books, speakers, authors, and trends to support TCTELA’s effort to promote cultural diversity and integrate multicultural perspectives.

Chair: Deanna Watkins

ell Awareness Committee

Function: To raise awareness of issues and special concerns related to bilingual and ESL learners and to promote a collaborative educational community that seeks and promotes excellence in the teaching of bilingual and second language learners.

Chair: Sue Hurt

Technology Committee

Function: To respond in a timely manner to the needs of English language arts educators concerning the use of technology in the classroom and to promote awareness regarding a pedagogical approach to the use of technology in the classroom; to promote a collaboration between English language arts and other disciplines, with an emphasis on technological and scientific writing.

Chair: Donna Brown

                                                                            Donna Brown

                                                                            Donna Brown


Pre-Service Teacher Committee (Ad Hoc)

Function: To involve pre-service teachers in professional and leadership development through TCTELA prior to entering the classroom.

Chair: Janise McIntyre


Conference Committee

Function: To support research-based professional development that reflects the core values and mission of TCTELA.

Chairs: Liz Ortiz