Coalition of Reading and English Supervisors of Texas
President - Beth Egmon

North Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts
President - Leslie Hancock

University of Texas at Tyler Student Affiliate
President - Maria Alvarado
Faculty Advisor - Annamary Consalvo

West Houston Area Council of Teachers of English
President - Cathy Roth

Yanagua Council of Teachers (YCT)
President - Ilna Colemere
Liaison Officer - Ann David


Form an NCTE Affiliate

NCTE and its affiliates create a powerful partnership for the teaching of English language arts at both the national and grassroots level. NCTE offers local/state and student affiliation.
The affiliation process involves the completion of an application, which is presented to the NCTE Executive Committee for a vote. If the application is approved, a letter is sent to the president of the affiliate announcing the approval of a new affiliate.
Contact the TCTELA at info@tctela c/o: VP of Membership and Affiliates for support in forming a local or student affiliate.  Also, visit the NCTE website ( or for more resources. 

NCTE Co-Sponsored Speaker Program for Affiliates

Are you looking for a national English language arts presenter for your upcoming conference? The NCTE Cosponsored Speaker Program contains a select group of NCTE leaders, authors, editors, and staff willing to present a keynote address or a workshop for no honorarium. This valuable program promotes closer relationships between NCTE and its affiliates, gives Council leaders opportunities to know the membership, and provides speakers with expertise on certain topics to affiliates for local programs.