ELAR / SLAR Standards Update - ESC4 letter from SBOE Chair and TCTELAs involvement. 

TEA has posted an update for the proposed TEKS. They've now included the vertically aligned document. The link is: http://tea.texas.gov/Academics/Curriculum_Standards/TEKS_Texas_Essential_Knowledge_and_Skills_(TEKS)_Review/English_Language_Arts_and_Reading_TEKS/

To:  TCTELA Membership:

Proposed ELAR TEKS for Grades K-8 have been posted in the March 3 issue of the Texas Register, and a thirty-day public comment period is now open.

The proposed TEKS are also posted on the TEA website and can be accessed here.  To navigate from the TEA home page, 

  • go to tea.texas.gov and hover over “About TEA”
  • click on Laws and Rules
  • click on SBOE Rules
  • click on Proposed Rules
  • scroll down to TAC Chapter 110

Members are encouraged to review the proposed TEKS and consider the following questions: 

  • Can the TEKS for your grade level be mastered by students in one year’s time effectively?  
  • Are the student expectations developmentally appropriate?  
  • Are the TEKS aligned K-12?  
  • Can these standards support 21st century literacies and learners?  

Comments should be sent via email to rules@tea.texas.gov by April 3, 2017.

In your comment, include the following:

  • identification of the TEK by specific chapter and number
    For example, the identifying chapter and number for “Author’s craft/ explain the author’s purpose and message within a text” would be

         110.23 (b) 9 (A) 

  • proposed change
  • rationale

Note that the SBOE has specifically requested feedback regarding the amount of time needed to provide instruction in the proposed student expectations. Specific feedback related to the time needed to teach individual concepts would be helpful.

PD2Teach - Take the survey here!

PD2Teach is a project from TCTELA that aims to support teachers in the implementation of the new ELAR/SLAR TEKS after they are approved by the State Board of Education.  Our first step is to listen to our members with an online survey to gauge needs and concerns.  This survey is for anyone who will be interacting with the standards as a classroom teacher, as a supervisor of teachers, or even as a college professor training preservice teachers.  We ask that you take this survey and also share this with colleagues and like-minded professionals who would like to give their input on this project.